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About Dayal Associate

Dayal Associate, founded in 2017 is a financial advisory firm with specialization in many services such as equity market, trading, mutual funds, loans and every aspect related to finance. Started with equity and insurance, the firm has been strechting its potential to different services and has came up as one of the fastest growing financial services firm in India. Primary focus of firm is to help people drudgery and suggest genuine financial plans. With a team of professionals working hard day and night, we assure quality and punctuality in our work.

Why Dayal Associate

Managing finance and investment can be a hectic work, hence we provide you assistance on such topics. We believe in radical, analyzed and technical methods in managing financials which allows us to maintain highly efficient record. Helping you with professional investment strategy, maximum return with justified risk is what you can expect.

Our Founders

Mr. Karan Ahuja

Mr. Karan Ahuja, founder and director of Dayal Associate is a scholar of his time. His achievements are decorated with B.com Honours from Kirorimal University, post graduation as MBA in finance, top notch result in CA CPT exam scoring 197 marks out of 200.

Professionally Karan is a famous Indian entrepreneur and stock broker. His experience includes several internships with some reputed firms like angel broking and motilal oswal and he worked with Arise investment, SSL investment ABB investments and upstox from 2015 to 2019 as a money manager and stockbroker. With positive approach and dedicated mindset he is a man of inspiration himself.

Mr. Rahul Gupta

One of the most successful businessman of his field and co-founder of Dayal Associate, Mr. Rahul Gupta has played an inevitable role in the development of Dayal Associate. With every day passing by his dedication has made the reach of firm escalate speedily. Traditionally belonging from a industrialist family, he has great control over management and tactical development of corporation and customer at the same time.

Such dedicated person towards work with punctuality, persistence and understanding about how things are going can only be seen in fictional stories which is also admired by clients of Dayal Associate as they are ready to stand by just on his mention.

Clients About Us

Within days of getting in touch with the firm, my portfolio suddenly started turning out trades into big profits and after a long experience with DAYAL Associate, I am sure you guys will continue to grow.

Amandeep Singh

As a business person, I don’t get enough time to analyze market and so I decided to go fir Dayal Associate and it has turned out really well for me. No doubt your firm has seen a sharp growth in last years.

Bhupesh Grover

After spending some good amount of time with Dayal Associate, I was surprised by their punctuality, communication skills and analytical abilities.

Karan Bhatia

I don’t remember if when was the last time that I had seen this good customer service and response to query.

Sanchit Khatri

I am damn sure that I am going to continue journey with Dayal Associate regardless of anything. The firm has just changed my vision about equity market.

Swati Verma

Since last few years I have been planning to take a loan to study in foreign. After every try I was unable to draw any satisfactory conclusion to continue with as my decision. That’s when I found about Dayal Associate and now I am clear with all of the dilemma I had. Also professionally analysis is commendable.

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