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Equity Services

Equity Services

We offer radical and analyzed tactics for equity market with professional advice on individual stocks and trading business and near perfect suggestions of trends in the market.

What we offer?


With every stock and trend being analyzed professionally, radically and strategically we have justified reasons for advices we give. Research is upto the mark and risks calculated very well.


Experienced professionals is what our teams are made up of which makes our investment results more accurate with justified risk. Well qualified hardworking guys with expert computing skills help us a lot add up in our portfolio.


Investing in equity gives investors a lot space and liquidity to monetize funds. With a lot of options available and with various opportunities, equity comes out as a good to go way for starting investments.

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Why Dayal Associate?

Dayal Associate is independent equity research and advisory firm. We analyze equity markets with discipline and focus and employ a range of investment strategies in an effort to generate superior investment returns for our clients. Our research methodology is a combination of predictive analytics, fundamental, and technical research. We have a small team of independent thinkers who share a commitment to excellence and build long-lasting relationships with our clients.

Why Trade In Equity?

The simplest way to start your investment journey



Equity investment gives proportional ownership of the company. Ownership also gives the right to vote.


Dividend Income

Some companies declare regular dividends, which can act as a source of income for investors.



Equity investments are highly liquid. Shares can be sold or bought easily through the stock exchanges.

Significant Choice Of Products

Trade in the most popular markets and instruments by exploring endless trading opportunities with our extended products.

Bonds and’s T-bills

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Superior Trading Strategies

In markets cluttered with noise and sentiments, your discipline gives you an edge.

  • Market neutral strategies offering minimal impact from short term volatility
  • Quant based strategies
  • Income-generating strategies

We’re with you, at every step.

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