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Health Insurance

Health Insurance

We understand that experiences of life can truly rejoice when one lives a healthy life without having to worry about any unforeseen medical issues.

Health Insurance Plan helps safeguard you & your family against financial risks arising out of a medical emergency. With the plan by your side, you can be assured that while you’re unwell; we’ll take up all the hassles related to your treatment so that you can stay worry-free and focus only on your recovery.

Why Mediclaim ?

Health is very precious and maintaining good health is really difficult. The best mediclaim policy covers expensive medical costs during accidents, sudden illness and surgeries. The best health insurance policy in India also includes doctor’s fees, charges on your room, diagnostic and medical facilities, ambulance service cap, oxygen, blood, medicines and things like artificial limbs or pacemakers etc which may arise in the future.

Mediclaim policies are the best way to handle crisis situations like injury or illness at any age in life with ease. It takes away the burden of medical expenditures, whether planned or sudden. Policyholders may get a cashless facility based on the insurance company only if the insured visits one of their networked hospitals.

Types Of Health Insurance Plans

1) Indivisual Plans:– This is the best health insurance policy for a single person or those who only want to take a policy for themselves. It covers hospital and surgical expenses to the extent of the sum insured under the policy.

2) Family Floater Plan or Health Insurance Policy for the Family: – This type of health insurance covers the entire Family under one single plan for the payment of a single premium. The policyholder will specify who all are to be protected, including themselves, spouse, children, and parents as required. Such policies cover simultaneous medical events of more than one member of the Family, subject to the claim limit of the maximum sum assured by the insurance company.

Such health insurance plans for families tend to be much more economical than buying individual plans for every member separately.

3) Hospitalization Plans:- Also known as basic plans, these policies offer a cashless settlement of claims arising from hospitalization due to disease or illness. Comprehensive plans cover a more extensive range of ailments and medical conditions and offer better protection.

A basic health insurance policy for the Family will typically cover room rent (which could be subject to a sublimit), surgical, nursing, specialist, anaesthetist, diagnostic expenses, and medications. Such policies also usually cover medical costs incurred 30 days before hospitalization and 60 days after discharge**.

A policyholder can also opt for various rider plans to create a more enhanced policy offering more protection. Such as maternity cover, domiciliary hospitalization benefits, daily cash allowance, etc. Basic plans usually include day-care procedures – surgical or other interventions that do not need a person to be admitted to the hospital overnight or for extended periods.

4) Top Up and Super Top Up Plans: – This is the best health insurance policy for those who already have some amount of health insurance. This type of insurance policy usually has a deductible amount that will be the threshold limit above which the Top-up or Super top-up health insurance plan will be activated.

However, it can be an excellent way to supplement an existing policy, whether self-purchased or offered by an individual’s employer. Such a top-up plan also acts as an insurance policy for the Family when employee health insurance is inadequate or covers only one family member. Also, there is an option of super top-up health booster plans that offers additional coverage of a higher sum against an aggregate deductible. The other benefit is that premiums are more affordable in this case.

5) Group Insurance Plans: – Many insurance companies offer group plans to specific groups of people, such as the employees of a company, members of a club or social group, and so on. A policyholder can buy this type of insurance in addition to an existing policy, or their employer may provide such insurance. Group insurance can be an economical option since insurance companies would typically offer a bulk discount in respect of such policies.

6) Pre-Existing Disease Plan: – For older people or those with specific medical ailments, the best health insurance plan with the highest coverage limit may be inadequate if there is a pre-existing disease exclusion clause. A pre-existing disease is defined as “any condition, ailment, injury or related condition(s) for which you had signs or symptoms, and was diagnosed, and/or received medical advice/treatment, within 48 months before taking your first policy”.

This means the insurance company will not pay for claims made about conditions that already exist at the policy purchase time. It is further necessary to note that even with the best health insurance policy, there is typically a waiting period between 12 and 36 months (Varies from insurer to insurer) from the initiation of the insurance policy before the policyholder can claim a pre-existing illness.

The policyholder can prevent this problem by buying a policy covering pre-existing conditions and has no waiting period for making a claim.

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