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Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are steadily making an entry into the household savings with an increased awareness about financial planning and higher efforts towards promoting mutual funds as an investment product. Further, the availability of a wide range of mutual fund schemes makes it easier for you to choose the mutual fund scheme to suit your financial goals.

Moreover, with everything becoming more expensive, investment in traditional instruments might not live up to your expectations. This is where investments in mutual funds can be beneficial. Whatever your goals might be, there are mutual funds to help meet them.

Why Mutual Funds?

Convenient way into the stock markets Mutual funds are ideal for investors who want to invest in various kinds of schemes with different investment objectives but do not have sufficient time and expertise to pick winning stocks. Mutual funds give you the advantage of professional management, lower transaction costs, and diversification, liquidity and tax benefits.


What We Offer

The financial goal of every individual is different. At Dayal Associate, we conduct thorough research to zero in on the right mutual fund scheme for you. Dayal Associate fund recommendations are based on an in-depth analysis of various categories of equity and debt mutual fund schemes.

Multiple Transaction Points

Invest from anywhere, anytime through the Dayal Associate platform, branch network or customer care.

Information Advantage

Don’t just invest; get an upper hand by accessing high-quality mutual funds-related information with Dayal Associate.


Start investing instantly after a smooth, paperless on boarding process.

Systematic Investment Plan – SIP

If you believe in taking small steps to success, systematic investment plan or SIP is a perfect fit for you. SIPs allow you to invest in mutual fund schemes through small regular payments instead of a lump-sum investment.

Rupee Cost Averaging

SIP payments are invested in the market in tranches. It offsets the effect of market fluctuations as costs average out over the long run.


SIPs grow your wealth substantially through compounding. The profit from the initial investment gets reinvested and generates returns, multiplying wealth.

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