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Financial Advisory

Dayal Associate is an advisory brand that provides financial services.

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Our team comprises of best of the industry to ensure that our research inputs and services standards are one of the best in the industry.



We value the trust you place in us that’s why we are committed to high-standard services.



We help you to make wealth through investing money under the guidance of investment professionals.



A goal is a dream with a deadline and your financial safety is our primary goal so that you can fulfill your dreams.

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Great Possibilities | About Dayal Associate

Dayal Associate is one of the fastest-growing financial services incorporated in 2017 in India. Dayal Associate is an advisory brand that provides financial services. Dayal Associate started its journey with free services of Equity & Insurance. It allows you to walk away from the drudgery of advisory service and welcome an easy relaxed way of services. We discover new ideas for all your Finance related services.


Our Services

Dayal Associate promises to deliver exclusive services to its customer through a high-quality team. We offer huge ideas for Sanchay Policy, Equity market, etc.


We believe in transparent and secure but simple and effective communication with our clients for better understanding between us.


With professional experienced team, our priority is in doing generic research about market every passing second.


Analyzing situation with research, knowledge, skills and factors such as social issues or future potential etc.


Making an effective strategy with analyzed tactics for better results.


Predicting events radically and strategically to get the best out of it.

Customer service

Customer support and assistance is above everything for us.

Creating Proud Investors

You can feel the pride of being a Dayal Associate investor in their words.

Within days of getting in touch with the firm, my portfolio suddenly started turning out trades into big profits and after a long experience with DAYAL Associate, I am sure you guys will continue to grow.

Amandeep Singh

As a business person, I don't get enough time to analyze market and so I decided to go fir Dayal Associate and it has turned out really well for me. No doubt your firm has seen a sharp growth in last years.

Bhupesh Grover

After spending some good amount of time with Dayal Associate, I was surprised by their punctuality, communication skills and analytical abilities.

Karan Bhatia

I don't remember if when was the last time that I had seen this good customer service and response to query.

Sanchit Khatri

I am damn sure that I am going to continue journey with Dayal Associate regardless of anything. The firm has just changed my vision about equity market.

Swati Verma

Since last few years I have been planning to take a loan to study in foreign. After every try I was unable to draw any satisfactory conclusion to continue with as my decision. That’s when I found about Dayal Associate and now I am clear with all of the dilemma I had. Also professionally analysis is commendable.

Vishal Pujara

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